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Thermal Hire was formed in 1974 and entered the field of thermal heating in a modest way. At first the Company specialised in the manufacture and hire of gas and oil fired combustion equipment. This provided experience in the manufacturing techniques and management control systems as well as gaining a foothold in the thermal and metal heat treatment industries

Following these early years in our growth, there was expansion into several markets, all of which offered services in thermal technology. Two of these activities involved on-site heating services - namely gas-fired metal heat treatment and refractory dry-out operations. Also, the construction of some 32 furnaces has enabled us to offer in-house heat treatment services to wide range of companies throughout the UK. Throughout the last 25 years, there has been progressive expansion into heat treatment by the use of electrical resistance techniques. This has provided an important addition to our heat treatment portfolio.

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Thermal Hire is now an established company in the heat treatment field, operating throughout the world. Services are provided to a wide variety of clients in the fossil fuel, gas fired and nuclear power industries - on refineries, petrochemical and chemical plant - in metal fabrication shops and offshore oil and gas platforms. Much of this work is in providing fuel fired and electrical resistance heating services for preheating and post weld heat treatment processes.

Thermal Hire is currently engaged in further expansion by 'returning to its roots' in equipment manufacture. We have designed and now manufacture a new range of electrical resistance heat treatment equipment under the Thermal Systems brand both for use within our contract service and for our valued customers.

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